A Little More About Me

There hasn’t been a new question for quite some time, so I thought I’d take a moment to let you get to know me a little more. When I was asked to write this advice column, I was concerned about using my real name. I don’t know how I could do a column like this justice without using some personal and profound anecdotes from my life and the lives of my family members. One never wants to embarrass one’s family.

So I decided to use a pseudonym. I chose Lily Dale, though I daren’t tell you why. It might give my true identity away.

As I tell you a little more about me and my family, please know that I have changed their names as well. If I’m vague about some of the details about them, I have  only my family’s privacy at heart.

Similarly, I need to obscure our exact location. Suffice it to say, we live in Zion–the Wasatch Front, Utah, our “Lovely Deseret”. Our town naturally has a temple nearby. Although I admire those who must make the sacrifice of a long trek to the Lord’s house, I simply must be near one.

My husband, Jim, and I have six wonderful children and a growing number of grandchildren. Our oldest son lives in New York City where he is big on Broadway. He’s always been so talented. He is not married yet, but we keep hoping.

We have two married children. One lives nearby and the other in Texas. Another son is serving a mission for the Church at this time. For his sake, I won’t tell you where.

Our two youngest, very bright teenagers, live at home with us. Their names are Jennifer and Jedediah. Jen is 16 and Jed is 14.

I come from a family of four sisters. I am the eldest. Our mother passed away several years ago. I do miss her calm, guiding influence in my life. Two of my sisters are married to fine gentlemen of the highest caliber.

Our father lives with my next oldest sister, Patty. Her children are all grown, so she takes care of Father for us all. I don’t like to boast, but the third of the four sisters is married to a very prominent local businessman. Of course, I can’t tell you what business he is in.

Finally, there’s our youngest sister, Rhoda–poor single Rhoda. She has had a marital setback or two, but she pushes on bravely. Thank heaven for the single adult program of the Church.

I want to tell you about my dearest friend in all the world. It’s my next-door neighbor, Angela Peterson. She happens to also by my Relief Society President and Visiting Teacher. I rely on her so much. Her husband is away on business a lot, so we girls often have a bit of fun together now and then.

Well, now you know a little bit about me. I hope there are some more of your questions I can  answer for you.

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