Paper or Plastic?

Dear Lily,

Yesterday in sacrament meeting, they started using the clear plastic cups for the water of the sacrament. I found the plunk plunk plunk of the cups dropping into the tray after each person partook to be particularly distracting. I tried so hard to have reverent thoughts throughout, but kept hearing that annoying sound. How do I suggest to my bishop that we go back to the paper cups without overstepping my bounds?

Assaulted Ears

Dear Assaulted,

I also do not like the sound those plastic cups make. It’s like everyone is announcing their worthiness. I could swear some people are throwing their cups at the tray just to make sure everyone hears it. I really can’t abide this kind of self-promotion. Of course, my perfect pitch can’t abide the off-tonic noise that fills the chapel during the passing of the sacrament.

You must be careful in directly expressing your concerns to the bishop. It is not our place to counsel the Lord’s servant. You must make¬†your point of view known more passively. Try putting your hands over your ears instead of folding your arms. You might also have to make a face.

Also, set a good example and teach your family to do the same. Carefully place the plastic cup in the slot and don’t let it make a noise. This is tricky if you don’t want to touch other people’s used cups, but you’ll be greatly rewarded for your worthiness in heaven without having to make sure that other people hear it.

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