Feeling Unsupported

Dear Lily,

I am a mother of five and I feel the weight of the responsibility to see that my children are raised as good Latter-day Saints. I take very seriously the counsel to preserve our family history. I do this through scrapbooking. My husband and children think of it as just a hobby, but for me it is so much more.

I’ve tried over the years to get everyone’s scrapbook done so I could get if off of my conscience, but I just couldn’t. Things kept coming up and I’d get distracted. I finally just decided that everything else had to go on hold while I did this. It’s just too important to procrastinate.

Now I’m getting grief from my dh and kids about the time I spend on it. Why can’t they fend for their own dinner while I do this sacred work? I feel like I’m the only one that cares that our family’s story is preserved. It won’t kill them to do a little of the housework, will it?

Feeling Unsupported

Dear Feeling,

I understand your frustration. I really do! I agree that a scrapbook for each child is an absolute must.

However, I feel compelled to remind you that taking care of your husband and your children is your first priority. You need to find a way to fit scrapbooking in without neglecting your clear duty in other matters.

I hear all of the time how there’s just so much to be done, if we do everything the Church expects, that no one can get it done. I disagree. I manage to have a scrapbook for each child, as well as for myself and James. Yet, I still make all meals for James and the children still in the home. These are not just your average meals, mind you. I think it essential not only to dress up a table for dinner, but to unfailingly serve outstanding food as well. This is why I require the family to dress for dinner. It is quite an occasion.

Now, as a means of training, all children should have chores and even help with the cooking. This is just another part of your duty as a homemaker. Everything in moderation, dear.

Another thing that might help you is if any of your children show any promise in that area. My oldest son was a gifted scrapbooker. Now that he is on his own in New York City, I believe he continues his passion for it. It certainly has aided his work as a Broadway producer. Perhaps you have a budding creative person among your children that can help you with this task.

Lily Dale

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