A Little More About Me

There hasn’t been a new question for quite some time, so I thought I’d take a moment to let you get to know me a little more. When I was asked to write this advice column, I was concerned about using my real name. I don’t know how I could do a column like this justice without using some personal and profound anecdotes from my life and the lives of my family members. One never wants to embarrass one’s family. Continue reading A Little More About Me

Is Swimwear Immodest?

Dear Lily,

My son came to me this week and said he was being invited to a swim party at a neighbor’s house. Even though he is still just a young boy, I figure it’s never too soon to teach modesty. I’ve always been adamant that my children will prepare for the temple by only dressing in ways that would be appropriate when they one day go through the temple. I just had to tell my older son last week that he could not wear a tank top to play basketball at the park. Continue reading Is Swimwear Immodest?

Paper or Plastic?

Dear Lily,

Yesterday in sacrament meeting, they started using the clear plastic cups for the water of the sacrament. I found the plunk plunk plunk of the cups dropping into the tray after each person partook to be particularly distracting. I tried so hard to have reverent thoughts throughout, but kept hearing that annoying sound. How do I suggest to my bishop that we go back to the paper cups without overstepping my bounds?

Assaulted Ears Continue reading Paper or Plastic?

Wandering Hubby

Dear Lily,

I have been married seventeen years. My eternal companion is a good man. I don’t worry about him and the ladies. I’m certain he is faithful to me. My problem is that he doesn’t stay home with the kids and me like I think he should. He is always going out and doing things with his friends: golfing, bowling, hiking, shooting, hunting, you name it. At least two nights a week and sometimes on Saturday, he is doing something with his friends rather than being at home. 

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